Hull House swing video

This was a commissioned by the Hull-House Museum to build a swing which they referred to as the ‘Jolly Romp’ for a year-long exhibition called The Right to Play’. The swing is a symbol of my childhood and a memorial for the Hull House where my great-grandmother taught. 

Smart Radio

Stockyard Institute created Smart Radio and worked with David Ladon, Davion Mathews, Sabrina Huchthausen, Nikki Jarecki and museum docents to teach them how to use the radio and broadcast their recordings of the general public on what it means to belong. Photo by Sabrina Huchthausen.



Hyde Park Art Center welcomes back artist Jim Duignan to expand on his previous work at the Art Center highlighting art and education in the city in PUBLIC SCHOOL on view in Gallery 1 and 2. Duignan, of the Stockyard Institute, works collaboratively with artist and educator Rachel Harper, of Seen + Heard to create a imagination-inducing installation of curious objects – including a fort, a stage, a tower, a piano, and a decommissioned school bus – to construct a new playground for all ages. At a moment when the Public Education System struggles to exist, Chicago artists ask: where is learning actually happening in this city and who gets to determine what we should know?


Valise 1991, with audio recordings of knocking on the doors of houses I used to live in Chicago. The valise installation includes a welcome mat and porch light, with audio playing from inside the va,use. Wood is from the property of a select group of former houses I lived in.


The cart was built by my brother Mike and I from scrap wood in our garage at 4044 W. Waveland with stroller and wagon wheels and a Pepsi box seat. It was the first object we made together these film stills represent a time of childhood where wonder abides and I came to know how I would fundamentally work. circa 1968.

portable library

A  portable library of 10 essential books by Jim Duignan,
wooden structure by John Preus
selection of books:
20 Years of Hull House by Jane Addams
De undertryktes Paedogogik by Paulo Freire
Energy Plan for the Western Man by Joseph Beuys
Art as Experience by John Dewey
Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord
Dada by Kenneth Coutts-Smith
The Shape of Content by Ben Shawn
Schools of To Morrow by John Dewey
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich
We Make the Road by Walking by Miles Horton and Paulo Freire

talk at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

twins cabins originally from Westville, IN being rebuilt in Chicago.
Teacher Institute at the MCA’s most immersive and collaborative professional development program for educators. This free, year-long program is designed to help you investigate, plan, incubate, and implement innovative, contemporary curricula. The emphasis of the Teacher Institute is on supporting teachers in developing socially engaged art projects for the classroom. Socially engaged art uses artistic strategies to respond to issues of importance within a local community and is collaborative and participatory. Jim Duignan in Hyde Park studio (2007) Photo by Jamie Chan.